What is Aquaponics?


The aquaponics system is an innovative technology, which allows people to duplicate this system anywhere in the world, as long as they can maintain some basic functional requirements. Aquaponics is a re-circulating system which has a hydrponics component of cultivating plants in water and an aquaculture component of high density fish farming in water tanks.


Since an aquaponics system can be built with a relatively small budget, it encourages people to create opportunities for themselves to grow their own food, where they are and as they are, in their local geographic areas, not trying to oppose those limitations but working through them.  Aquaponics is the innovation we need to end world hunger.  If nations, especially developing nations, can take those simple steps to provide well exploration and excavation, in addition to education, the simple concepts of aquaponics will take hold and the end to world poverty may be near.



We are offering for sale or donation “Simple Aquaponics in Developing Countries” by Ashley Kim which is a simple, step-by-step, instructional handbook for those who have limited resources to help them build an aquaponics system of their own.

If you would like to purchase a copy or make a donation, please contact us and tell us your story of how you will have an impact on your family and community.