You've seen countless commercials to donate. You've heard of the adage to teach them to fish.

What if their lakes are polluted?  Or if they don't have access to nutrient enriched soil, but all around them is concrete, rubble, or rocks?  Won't a donation just help them for a short while?  How can the problems be eliminated?  


ICU4C aims to tackle the long term problems by educating the educators, the missionaries, the teachers who are in the field.  By teaching them how to create self-sustaining habitats for fish, vegetables, and people, we hope to tackle the basic needs that are often lacking in the 3rd world.


Over the last few years, we have implemented and refined how to have viable solutions for effective change for such communities.  

We are now ready to begin implentation in the 3rd world, but we need your help in getting there as well as providing them with the means to have such self-sustainable projects.  For as little as $300 we can supply the materials necessary to build an emergency shelter. For as little as $500 we can supply the materials to build an ongoing food supply.  For as little as $1000 we can dig a well.  For as little as $1500 we can build a biogas system that will not pollute their water supply.  For as little as $2500 we can build a structure that can house many people.